let's get you started!

Learn how Higher works step-by-step so that you can grasp everything that Highre virtual career fairs offer!


step 1: Sign up

- Visit the university virtual career fair page
- Apply for exhibition using your company email
- Upon verification, your unique URL to the login page will be sent to your company email
- Use your name and company email to complete signup process

step 2: create your company profile

- Go to "Profile" to create a company profile before you attend the career fair.
- Add and edit information including recruiting video, team photos and university recruiting details
- Make sure to upload the cover photo

step 3: plan the event ahead

- Upcoming events are marked with yellow circular badges
- Schedule the time for 1:1 live video meeting slots with students
- Each live video meeting takes about 10 minutes
- Remember to pace yourself! Students are eager to meet you so expect a call marathon and set hours that works for you :)
- Many employers register last minute - expect to see more during the career fair :) 

step 4: attend the event!

- Highre platform is receiving applications, tracking activities, orgainizing schedule with students for you
- All you need to do is to meet and speak with students via 1:1 live video meetings!
- We help you track the short conversations with notes and quick evaluation tools.


It's never too late! Check out active opportunities and employers here.

APRIL 2018

MON 16 - FRI 20, APR 2018
Graduate jobs and internships

Coming Soon

MAY 2018

MON 14 - FRI 18, MAY 2018
Graduate jobs and internships

Coming Soon

JUNE 2018

MON 11 - FRI 15, JUN 2018
Graduate jobs and internships

Coming Soon


Get the most of the beginning of the university recruitment season


NOV 2018
Graduate jobs and internships


step 5: post-event follow-ups

- After the event, you can always log back in and check out the stats to understand your performance and your target audience
- You can download the resume package with one click
- More report features will be updated soon!